Sunday, May 3, 2009

~Download Candy: Kanon Wakeshima - Shinsoku Dolce~

Shinsoku Dolce is the debut album from Mana-produced singer/cellist Kanon Wakeshima. Her music is more dark-themed, and features the cello in every one of her songs. She combines modern to classical in a musical blend that almost everyone can enjoy.

1. Sweet Ticket
2. Shinku no Fatarythm
3. Kagami
4. still doll (album version)
5. Maboroshi
6. Ennui Kibun!
7. Suna no Oshiro
8. Monochrome Frame
9. L'espoir ~Maho no Akai Ito

10. Kuroi Torikago
11. Skip Turn Step
12. Shiroi Kokoro
13. Sweet Dreams

Download from Mediafire here.


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