Saturday, August 15, 2009

~Eye Candy: Tsuyoshi Domoto and Reita~

Okay, I totally apologize for being so behind in "Eye Candy." I forgot to post for Tsuyoshi last month, and I'm running out of time for Reita this month. I've cut the Eye Candy poll for September a little short (by mistake), and now that there's only six days to vote, I might as well keep it that way.
The previous total for the poll before I changed the layout was: G-Dragon = 2 votes, T.O.P. = 3 votes. Now we've got three votes for G-Dragon, three votes for T.O.P., and one vote to Taeyang.

Now, we've got Reita, the super-hot bassist (?) for the awesome J-Rock band, the GazettE.

I promise, promise, promise that I'll do better on getting the Eye Candy posts up! For September, I won't put the pictures up right after the poll closes; there will still be a lot left of August, and I might just run part three of the poll. >.> But I won't post Eye Candy until the first or second day of September.

Remember, the current Eye Candy standings are this:

Taeyang = 1
Seungri = 0
G-Dragon = 3
T.O.P. = 3
Daesung = 0


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