Saturday, August 15, 2009

Enough Already!

Only a few more days until the release of G-Dragon's first solo album, "Heartbreaker," and he's already going to end up the most searched person on Korean web--not because of interest in the album, but for interest in the five plagiarism accusations that's tacked to this album.

First off, there's the most well known and the most serious "Heartbreaker" plagiarism accusation. After thirty seconds of the song being released, and netizens began talking about the similarities, Hollywood bigwigs got involved with the accusation of G-Dragon plagiarizing Flo-rida's "Right Round." Yes, I'll admit--the electrobeats in the first verse of both songs sound strikingly similar. But it's only thirty seconds of a song that could range from three and a half to five and a half minutes.

Secondly, "Heartbreaker" and "Butterfly" have both been accused of copying "She's Electric" by Oasis. Now, I've compared this song to the teasers for both of these songs, and they sound nothing alike. So that isn't a valid charge, really.

Thirdly, "Boy" is said to be plagiarizing "Not Ur Girl" by Katharine McPhee. Okay, before I say anything else, I must make this comment--would G-Dragon even know who Katharine McPhee is?! I mean, seriously. I don't think that the songs sound too similar, either.

Fourthly, the concept art for the album is accused of copying Lee Jun-ki's photo shoot for "JStyle," in which Jun-ki also sported white hair, smokey eyeshadow, and extreme paleness. One striking difference, however, is G-Dragon's use of unqiue style and splashes of color. If you compare the two photos, you'll see that there's enough difference with G-Dragon's that it can't be plagiarism.

Fifthly, the cover art for "Heartbreaker" is said to copy the cover art for American band Spiritualized's 2001 album "Let It Come Down." Now, how likely is G-Dragon to have intentionally copied them, if I live in the United States and I've never heard of Spiritualized in my entire life?

The only things that haven't seemed to have gotten any criticism or plagiarism accusations are his leaked track "Gossip man" and his preview for "The Leaders" which features Teddy and CL.

I feel very, very sorry for G-Dragon with this whole thing. I can tell that people have been trying to come up with charges against G-Dragon. However, I think that a lot of these accusations are invalid, since there's plenty of difference to a lot of these things.

I, personally, am mucho excited for G-Dragon's album! Patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting for the release! =3


Anonymous said...

No one's mentioning that Flo Rida sampled a well known song for his, now are they? :p

Nyeh, people are stupid, and they should just leave him alone. And no, I highly doubt he even knows who Kathrine McPhee is. Is she even making music?

But this is what netizens do. They spend an insane amount of time looking for things to bitch about and call out to celebrities on.

AzureGothBunny said...

I heard some people defending G-Dragon mention it, and the antis said that it's not the same thing. :p LOL!

I don't know about Kathrine McPhee anymore. >.>

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