Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1 Week Left!!

Ladies and gentlemen, just one week left until the release of G-Dragon's solo album! I've got this marked on my calendar and I'm counting down the days!
G-Dragon has *recently* replaced Seungri as my favorite Big Bang member. T.O.P. has got second position. **sigh** I never realized how great that G-Dragon actually was until I re-listened to Big Bang's Since 2007 album and heard his cover of "This Love" by Maroon 5. Ah-may-zing. =P

Okay, so, to my knowledge, G-Dragon has released two *titled* teasers of two of the tracks on his album--"Butterfly" and "Heartbreaker."

"Butterfly" is an extremely beautiful acoustic track that has been getting rave reviews from fans all over. G-Dragon describes his song as "the fluttery feeling of love when it first begins." He also says that this is a song to close your eyes and think about the one you love when you listen to it. And that's exactly what I did, and it fits! ;)

"Heartbreaker" is a very upbeat electro track that I loveloveloveloveLOVE! However, it's been getting a ton of plagiarism allegations. I, personally, don't care about Flo-rida or "Right Round" or whatever it's called. Whatever it is, G-Dragon can pull it off better than Flo-rida. ^-^ Either way, this is also the title track for his album, and it's going to be the main single. It's a really great song.

Here are YouTube embeds of "Butterfly" and "Heartbreaker." Take a listen for yourself, and see what you think about them!


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