Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girl Groups Galore!

2NE1 and 4minute have awoken the devil.

Since those two girl groups made their debut in the summer, they've been followed up by a plague--and I mean plague--of other girl groups.
Let's make a list, shall we?
There's Twiny, Flying Girls, Honeysh, f(x), and TEN who have all come out on the Korean pop music scene.

I'm gonna talk about Twiny first. The members of this group are Seo Kyeong and Sung Hee. They're another girl group going for the whole "cute-and-sexy" look. But apparently, cute-and-sexy is in style, so record labels are going to sell it for all its worth. The girls also sing dance music (no surprise there.) I haven't heard their debut song, "Flutter", yet, but I really want to.

Both of these girls have been continually bashed for their skinniness. I think that a person gains weight on their own time, and that people should leave them alone. >.> But then, the girl in the blue's wrists looks awfully bony...

Flying Girls
are next on my list. Out of all of the girl groups that I've seen debut so far, these girls have got to be my favorite. They had Brown Eyed Girls rapper Miryo to do the rap part in their debut track, "Girl's Hot."

Their debut is a mini album called "Girl's Hot" and consists of three tracks--"Girl's Hot," "Plus Minus," and "Love." It's set to be released on September 7th. Well, three original tracks at once--that's a lot more than what I've seen these other new girl groups come out with. Hooray for Flying Girls! I have a feeling that they're going to produce some great music--"Girl's Hot" sounds great!

is third on my list. They received a lot of controversy over the content of one of their teaser trailers, which invloved a close-up of one of the members' breasts (although, she was wearing a pink checkered bikini top), and showing one of the girls making out with a guy.

Honeysh also works in the dance genre, with fun dance tunes that you want to, well, dance around to. I don't really have much to say about Honeysh, besides the fact that they're also trying to use the "cute-and-sexy" look to their advantage. Although, they might be trying to add more "sexy" than "cute."

f(x) is the newest addition from SM Entertainment. They're...probably going to be a little bit different from the rest. They've got a different look, that's for sure. It's...I don't know how to say it. A little bit darker, I guess?

And then there's Amber, an androgynous tomboy who looks a lot like Mickey from the Mirotic days.
Their song, Lachata, has been leaked, and I just took a listen.
Actually, they're nothing that stands out; pretty mediocre, I'd say.

TEN is the last girl group I'm going to talk about in this post.
They've gotten a lot of buzz for their "homosexual marketing" tactics (via two girls holding hands and two girls in their underwear hugging). Apparently, they're going for the sexy look, too.
They've gotten a lot of comparisons to girl group t.A.T.u., who also used lesbian marketing to their advantage, and were a big hit in their time. Is TEN their Korean successors? Let's hope so! t.A.T.u. produced some great music! (In my eyes, anyway.)

Well, now that I've written up some information about each of them, let's list debut singles/mini-albums/studio albums now!
Twiny - Flutter (Single)
Flying Girls - Girl's Hot (Mini-album)
Honeysh - Shall I Get Married (Mini-album)
f(x) - Lachata (Single)
TEN - Cheer up (Studio album)


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