Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jae-bum...quits 2PM?!!!!

My heart goes out to him right now.

After some Korea-bashing comments were found on his MySpace page, netizens were sent into an uproar. But the thing about it is--these comments were from three/four years ago. Not only that, but this was when he had just arrived in Korea and was having difficulties adjusting. It's only natural for a person to vent their feelings somewhere, and MySpace is a common outlet! The poor dear!!
Jae-bum made a public apology for his words, but apparently the netizens don't seem to care. They've already blown the entire situation out of proportion, ruined an innocent man's career, and successfully run him out of the country. People have made petitions for him to commit suicide!!! If that's not blowing things out of the water, then I don't know what is.

Jae-bum has left Korea yesterday evening, and arrived here in the States at about midnight this morning. He's going to Seattle to stay with his family while JYP will discuss his future.

As POPSEOUL! said, we need to stand by him! Here's the link to a "SUPPORT LEADER JAY PARK" petition (http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/supportleaderjaypark) that I think we all should sign. Already 5,000 people over the goal in three days.

We need to show Jae-bum that we all love him, and that he shouldn't quit the group (and I'm not even a 2PM fan.)


Do you want to know what's worse? The fact that the netizens responsible for leaking those archaic MySpace comments...are trying to apologize! It's a little too late for apologies. The damage has been done, not only to his career, but to his self esteem, too. Poor Jae-bum. Poor, poor boy. I'm not even a hue 2PM fan, and this just hurts my heart. If I could, I'd definitely give him a hug and try to comfort him. It's what I'd want someone to do for me.

[thanks to POPSEOUL!]


asianpopattack said...

Have you heard about the petition titled "Jai-bum Should Commit Suicide"? I swear, netizens have gone too far! Sometimes it seems as if South Korea is as bad as North Korea.

asianpopattack said...

And there I go typing before I even finish with reading the post :p

This whole situation just pisses me off. Leave the poor boy alone, already! Ya know? Of course, at the same time it's not surprising that they're doing this. They don't even welcome Korean-Americans to their country because they're not from Korea.

AzureGothBunny said...

The netizens really need to know when to draw the line. Did you know that they're regretting it now? The netizens who said things like "he should commit suicide" and things like that are now the ones saying, "Well...it would have blown over in a month" and "It's not that big of a deal." And look what they've done!

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