Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tae-Goon is one Sexy Beast. :P

Oh yes. Yes he is.

Tae-Goon (also called "The Second RAIN") is releasing his third single titled "Betrayed." The MV dropped on September 16th.

Alright, I'd never heard of Tae-Goon before. Nor did I know that he's already released three mini-albums prior to this. But damn! This guy's got it going on! All of Rain's style in the form of a cuter guy and a more fluid dancer. Not saying that I don't love Rain, but Tae-Goon's starting to put him to shame a little bit.
*stares at Tae-Goon's picture* Actually, to me, he looks like the product of throwing Christofer Drew Ingle (of NeverShoutNever!) in a blender with Rain to make a new person. And boy, the outcome is gorgeous!!!

"Betrayed" is an absolutely amazing song. Check out the MV for it here:


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