Sunday, June 28, 2009

~Download Candy: Koakuma Heaven~

Koakuma Heaven is the first single in Gackt's 10th Anniversary Countdown. I absolutely love this single, because the A-side, Koakuma Heaven is so freakin' fun to dance around to. I hear that in stage performances, there's a screen that tells the audience when to clap and such, and that band members take turns playing DanceDance Revolution to this song.

But there's one thing to say about this song: Just. As. Perverted. As. Vanilla. And just as fun, too. It seems that Gackt's catchiest songs are the one about sex. But oh well! Koakuma Heaven is great to jump up and dance around to. I advise that you give it a listen.

1. Koakuma Heaven 2. My Father's Day 3. Koakuma Heaven (Instrumental) 4. My Father's Day (Instrumental)

Download from MediaFire here.

In the second cover, I love the girl's eye makeup, and wish that I could put mine on like that. But strangely, the girl on the cover reminds me strongly of Gackt himself. It's the eyes and she shape of the lips. But could it really be him...?


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