Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tell Me It Isn't So!!!

*Many thanks to K-Pop Jjang for the information!*

It seems as though, in addition to being their opening act, the Jonas Brothers and Wonder Girls are going to have some sort of partnership going.

The Jonas Brothers are going to be writing and composing the songs for the Wonder Girls.

This will turn out awfully. If the Brothers are composing the Girls' songs, I assume that the Girls will take on the Brothers' style. They're going to work together to come up with ONE--count it, one--electronic house number. I would rather listen to English re-makes of all of their Korean songs than listen to songs of theirs that the Jonas Brothers produced. No offense to the Jonas Brothers, I love them and all, but if they compose the Girls' songs, they will probably push their musical style onto the Girls, and we can say goodbye to their awesome techno '60s throwback sound. =(

At first, it sounded like the Girls were going to do well in the States, but this spells disaster.

But maybe when those rabid teenage Jonas Brothers fangirls find out that their Love Gods (hehe...stole that from Nodame) wrote the Girls' songs, maybe they'll be more apt to pick up a copy of the debut album?


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