Friday, June 12, 2009

Wonder Girls Set To Tour With Jonas Brothers!

It has been announced that Korea's Wonder Girls are to be breaking into the American music business by being the opening act for Disney's Jonas Brothers. They will be opening for the brothers for thirteen of their concerts in seven cities. That's saying quite a lot. I've looked at their tour dates, and there are about fifteen places they're going.

You might be thinking, "Wonder Girls, opening up for the Jonas Brothers, selling their souls to Disney? That won't get them anywhere!" Well, Disney is one of the most powerful companies in America. There is no easier way to break into the American music scene than touring with a Disney group. If the preteen fans of the Jonas Brothers like the Wonder Girls, then they've got a solid fan base there. They have people who will buy their merchandise, their records, and tickets to their concerts.

But how long will the Wonder Girls last under a Disney contract? The girls have got some pretty high sex-appeal, which is pretty inappropriate for Disney. In fact, sex-appeal is one of the things that seems to make Miley Cyrus want to break away, along with Ashley Tisdale. For Miley, you can sort of tell by the way she presents herself in public (via her, a 15 or 16 year old girl wearing an evening gown fit for an adult to these awards shows), and all of those controversial pictures of her--especially the one on that Vanity Fair magazine cover. Ashley Tisdale had wanted to take a new direction with her music by using the song "He Said, She Said." However, Disney didn't like the lyrics in the chorus (Baby I can see us moving like that, touching like that, kissing like that) and made her write a clean version for promotional purposes. It frustrated her, but she did write a clean version. But that still doesn't mean that her unclean version of the song wouldn't be used. It was put on the album, which was marketed mainly to her pre-teen/teen fans, and the clean version didn't make an appearance on the album. Did I mention that that version was also put on DanceDance Revolution SuperNOVA 2? Tisdale is still trying to take her album in a new direction, what with her upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure.

If the Wonder Girls keep their act sexed-down, then they might be able to last under a Disney contract. If they stay with Disney for a while, garner a huge fan base, then when they decide its time to break away and "grow up," they might have fans who follow.

The Wonder Girls are releasing two English digital singles, Nobody and Tell Me this fall. Their debut English album is slated for October, I think.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading reactions to them, and fans of the Jonas Brothers are not thrilled, at all. They're calling them sluts (their dresses are short and the wiggle their butts alot), they're saying that they're weird and sound like men who can't sing.

Also, they're not official openers. That's surprising, for sure. Aparently they're there for when Jordan Sparks and the others can't be. Schedualing conflicts, I believe.

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