Friday, July 17, 2009

Rain...fat? Oh, puh-leez.

*Many thanks to POPSEOUL! for the picture, and the whole "Rain is a chunky monkey" post.*

Seriously, Rain is fat?

Sure, he might be a little bigger since the filming of Ninja Assassin, but the poor guy does have the right to let himself go a little bit. After eight months of only being able to eat certain foods and having to work out non-stop, the guy should at least be allowed to put on a little more flesh.

It's probably the just the leather pants that don't do his physique justice. And that hat. >.>

But still, he looks fine. At least he looks healthy instead of anorexically skinny, as opposed to a lot of celebrities now days. He probably hasn't worked out in a while, and his muscles have lost their tone. But I'm pretty sure that as he gets back in the swing of things and his Asia tour progresses, he'll be looking better than ever. ;)


Anonymous said...

Not surprising that POPSEOUL would post that. Koreans tend to think anybody bigger than Son Dambi (who is a twiggy twig) is fat.

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