Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gackt's On A Roll!

Over the course of June to August, Gackt will have released five--yes, you counted correctly, five--new singles. Over the course of January to August, he will have released eight new singles. Around the end of 2008, he released two other singles. Ten singles after the album Diabolos. Is anyone expecting a new album? I hope there's one in our future!

As of July 1st, Gackt has been a solo artist for ten years. =3 And he has had such an amazing career, being with Malice Mizer before his solo career for quite a while, and then going solo for ten years. It makes you wonder how old he really is! ;) Gackt decided to ring in his tenth anniversary with a single countdown--one new single every week in June. Week one was Koakuma Heaven, week two was Faraway ~Hoshi ni Negai wo~, week three was LOST ANGELS, and week four was Flower.

His next single is called The Next Decade, and is set to release on August 5th.


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