Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well. Talk About Real Exposure!

*Many thanks to POPSEOUL! for this info*

It looks like the Wonder Girls are going to be opening for the Jonas Brothers for the entire United States leg of their world tour. So, instead of opening for fourteen shows, the Wonder Girls are now opening for forty-four. Talk about impressive!

Apparently, the audiences really liked the Wonder Girls. Because of this newest revelation, the Wonder Girls are going to be performing in areas that don't have such a huge Asian population. Now this is true exposure in the United States! I think that the Wonder Girls have totally crushed BoA's promotional stuff, and the Girls haven't even released their debut album yet! =D

Go Wonder Girls!


asianpopattack said...

Too bad the tour might start bombing now that Kevin Jonas is getting married O.O

A lot of Jonas Brothers fans are asking "why did they pick them?"
JoBro fans are saying that they can't sing, and the girls have actually been booed.
I'm wondering what could have caused this:
The other opening acts not being able to make it, or JYP buying their way in. (He's been known to do that.)

I was watching backstage videos, and their English is better than BoA's... except for SoHee's u_u

AzureGothBunny said...

Yeah, I was thinking about that, too.

I honestly think that the JoBro fans are jealous that five girls are going on tour with the Brothers, and probably get to be alone with them, too. I don't think that the Girls' English is that bad.

Kevin's getting married? To who?!!!!!

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